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Theodora Andreou 

Actor - Artist 

Phone: +357 99 189 208 

Location: Larnaca, Cyprus 

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about me


Hi, I am Theodora, born in Larnaca, Cyprus.

In 2014, I graduated from the University of Cyprus, Department of Turkish and Middle Eastern Studies.

Then, in 2018 I gained a Higher Diploma in Acting from the Drama School 'Vladimiros Kafkaridis'.

In 2019, I established the theatre workshop THEATROLA for children and young people at my village Troulli, while also developing multi-thematic theater activities for children with the purpose of learning  within playing.

I am teaching the course Theatrical Game at Larnaca Cultural Foundation for Children and Youth, while simultaneously conducting theatre workshops.

I am involved in the development of Educational (STEAM) Toys through making and Digital Fabrication.

My desire for sharing my self and being creative motivates me to engage in art at any level.

Art is everywhere!

Θεοδώρα Ανδρέου.jpg
work / Experience




Assisting the director at the performance 'The play that goes wrong' directed by Fotis Georgides,  ALPHA Cyprus production.


I took part in THOC production '1984' by George Orwell and directed by Leandros Taliotis in the role of assistant director.


I participated in the performance called 'The Line' by Israel Horovitz's under 'Spredd' production.


I starred in the short film of the theatrical monologue 'A normal Day' directed by Anna Tanti.


Volunteered in the production 'Kenophobia' by Stavri Kalopetridou in Larnaka Biennale.



Acting in 'International Festival of Ancient Greek Drama' in 'Electra' directed by Neoklis Neocleous.

Under-water filming for short film 'A normal Day'

Line of Business


Since 2019

Theatre workshop THEATROLA

for children &

young people

THEATROLA is a creative space for children and youth.

A place for expression, creation, learning and entertainment.

During summertime THEATROLA operates also as a summer school. 

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Visit at 'Pierides Museum-Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation

Visiting at Pierides Museum-Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation.

Visiting the Recycle Fish at Finikoudes Larnaca in the presence of  Andreas Ttaouxis, Municipal Councilor.

Exploring  MAKERSPACE Larnaca.




Performing at the 'Open Up'-Performance Laboratory

I attended in the 'Open Up'-Performance Laboratory program within the framework of the European Program for Culture 'Creative Europe'.


The main aim of the project, which will take place during the year, is the establishment of a complete framework of actions that will give the opportunity to artists from various fields to create and enhance viable techniques, in order to promote their work through their creative production. 

Site specific performance workshop by Lia Haraki.

Project in progress.


Stories of Brave Women-MakersHouse'20 

'Have you ever heard of the name Malala Yousafzai? The girl that got shot by  Talibans only because she was fighting for the right for education.'


Resident with a colleague during the  programme of MakersHouse’20 for designing, creating and narrating the stop-motion animation ‘Stories of Brave Women’. 

Using the Youth Makerspace technological equipment we created the figures with the use of 3D printer, 3D pen, laser cut, concluding to a  stop-motion animation bringing these stories to life.  

Figure of Malala Yousafzai, by using
3D  printer.

Bus transporting Malala Yousafzai, by using laser cut.

Since 2020

Workshops & Activities 

I am initiating multi-theme conventions aiming, learning through playing.

Meanwhile within these themed activities, I am aiming to blend the various forms of art with a broader idea for children to make themselves aware of arts and express their inspirations. Furthermore through these process children develop their skills abilities.

Storytelling at the Municipal Library of Larnaca.

Creative puppets.

Saving the ocean.
CMMI-EMD Cyprus 2023


Since 2021 

'Birds of Cyprus'

Motivated by the desire to combine culture with technology, Eva and me collaborated and launch the
educational toy series "Makers Will Make: STEAM TOYS".

These toys are based on Cyprus-inspired themes
and crafted with the use of rapid prototyping equipment, in combination with traditional making methods.
We collaborated ith designer Eva Korae  and created educational (STEAM toys) for children aged 4+ , employing Cyprus’ rich culture and nature as the starting point. This interactive presentation aims
to introduce the public to the educational toys "Birds of Cyprus".

More specifically, "Makers Will Make: STEAM Toys" were produced by the non-profit organisation bytheway
Productions and are aimed at children aged 4+.

"Birds of Cyprus," includes three types of birds found in Cyprus: the Cyprus Scops Owl (Thoupi), the
Poupouxios  (Poupouxios), and the Cyprus Warbler (Tripomazis). We developed considering the skills
that a child should acquire at the age of four, and are accompanied by traditional Cypriot quatrains
(tsiattista), providing useful information for each bird.

CC: Eva Korae  Co-creation with Theodora Andreou

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September 2023

'Princess Zehra'

Participation as an  actor in the Site specific-walking performance 'Princess Zehra' by Kostas Mannouris, directed by Naya T. Karakosta, which took place in the neighbourhoods of Turkomahala in Larnaca.

There, in this urban liminal space, we meet Mannouris' heroines and heroes, fictional yet so realistic. A group of actors, musicians and residents invite the audience to walk these neighbourhoods and listen to the stories of the street, entering into a game of empathy with the unknown neighbour. People on the street, in the supermarket, on the bus, in a waiting room are carriers of stories, 'Princess Zehra' tries to explore these stories or rather speculate on them with the vehicle of our common humanity, our common destiny through time.

'Princess Zehra' is part of a new cultural programme, μαχαΛart, introduced by Larnaka 2030 having inclusivity in mind, focusing on drawing attention to the city's neighbourhoods, especially the less priviliged ones, those on the fringes of social and artistic life. 


Site specific-walking performance 'Princess Zehra'


November 2023


Participation as an actor in theatrical performance for children 'Play and Recycle - EcoAdventures' .

Two friends go to the park to meet and play together, inventing various games with whatever is available there. On stage, clever ways of reusing and reevaluating materials left in the park as "trash" are presented. To make the performance accessible to all children, regardless of age and nationality, the actors use physical theater techniques, encouraging imagination and improvisation. The dialogue consists of invented language words. The goal of the group is to raise awareness among children about environmental protection and enhance their imagination for creativity. 

Event production: Larnaca Cultural Foundation for Children and Youth

Site specific-walking performance 'Princess Zehra'

Poster of performance 'Ecoadventures'


Photo from premiere


Since 2021 

Larnaca Cultural Foundation for children and youth

Teaching the course of Theatrical Game on a weakly basis at the premises of Larnaca Cultural Foundation for children and youth. While simultaneously I am conducting theatre workshops.

Making masks.

Playing with shadows.

 Multifaceted Easter Programme 2023.


Traditional Games 

Drama workshops for children coming from disadvantaged groups presented to elementary schools in the Larnaca district.

Currently, I develop Traditional Games workshop witch, allows children to revive those played by our grandparents. 

Through playing children are exposed to culture and traditions, while at the same time, its a way of bonding and triggering.  

Εggs eggs sell them  / Αυκά, αυκά πουλώτα

Ηopscotch  /  Κουτσό ή Λούρα

Βlind man's buff / Καττόμουγια

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